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GCAS Announcement

MetSolv and i-Vigilant have collaborated to install the first Australian gas chromatograph condition based monitoring unit. The GCAS software provides continuous GC health and performance reporting.

This milestone demonstrates to our clients that MetSolv continues to seek ways to improve the services we offer. GCAS is unique in that it is the only dedicated GC condition based monitoring tool that is capable of analysing the GC performance as well as predict future failures based on historical data.

Our decision to work with i-Vigilant goes far beyond meeting customer requirements, the additional diagnostic capabilities of GCAS has increased our ability to foresee any GC problems and to plan these activities to minimise any potential downtime of the GC.

Anwar Sutan of i-Vigilant "I am excited to have the first Australian GCAS unit installed and collaborating with MetSolv on developing an installation solution. From the substantial data we have obtained we can see excellent performance and a low heating value uncertainty, which is testament to the attention to detail MetSolv has given to the GC. We look forward to monitoring the GC and ensuring continued performance".

This is a significant development for the Australian gas industry in providing a cost-effective solution to ensure continuous and accurate gas composition reporting.

ERM Power said "Being a large gas consumer it is very important for us to ensure we have accurate gas measurement, GCAS gives us the reliability and confidence in this. The advanced diagnostics that GCAS delivers also allows us to plan and minimise maintenance activities".

MetSolv’s manager Mark Johnson adds; “Our technicians have completed routine verification work on this GC for some time now and we are pleased to see our hard work has ensured excellent GC performance. We are looking forward to working with our clients on offering our next GCAS solution.”

GC Performance & Reporting

The report example below represents the health and performance of the GC during GCAS's first month in operation. The detailed monthly report and control chart functionality allows the user to track individual component performance and to narrow in on any disturbances.

 Live GC Uncertainty

With the unique patented method for calculating reproducibility GCAS is able to give you live uncertainty calculations after every routine calibration. Until recently this could only be achieved with laboratory analysis.

 ERM Report 2

On Site Verification

MetSolv field support technicians will complete validation testing to establish the performance characteristics of a metering system.

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Independent Audit & Inspection

MetSolv field support Engineers and Technicians can ensure that metering installations, operations and support are compliant.

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